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Real Lives Are Being Changed

Your channel has personally changed my life. You helped me,  a former atheist, reconnect with God, improve my relationship with my father, and realize that I shouldn't be working at a deli. I should be working at IBM. I can't say if I'll ever accomplish that last one but my relationship with my father couldn't have improved if it weren't for your videos on gratitude and being thankful. Your channels speakers really make the difference and made my life so much more positive. God bless you. 

Above Inspiration people look forward to watching you every day and without you where would the people go for Hope, Prayer, Peace, Guidance, Joy, Love and most importantly Salvation. Yes, your channel has help thousands if, not millions of people keep hope and their dreams alive daily around the world.  So, don't lose sight of what your doing and how important your Christian programs (video) have helped so many people have FAITH in God. Stay strong and be FAITHFUL. 

This video came at the right moment. I was so sad and I was crying on my bed, without even exactly knowing why. But than, I saw the notification of this video and while I was watching the video, I became relaxed. And now, I can only thank God for He let me see this video at this moment. God bless you and your videos 

Thank you. I needed to hear this. This past month we lost our baby. I did ivf to get this baby. It was hard already but I endured. We were so hopeful but lost it thru ectopic. I started questioning God? Why? This video helped to let go of anger. I choose my faith that God is always looking after me.

I love your videos! Thank you for such a valuable online ministry you provide. I listen to your videos every day while I keep my faith in launching my own business. 

 Tonight I sat here and cried... just cried, and listened to this! This changed my life and I needed this as a hurting teenager I need this, thank you so much.