FEAR NOT | God is in Control - Inspirational & Motivational Video

“Fear Not” is the most repeated command in the Bible. Fear is one of the enemy’s most popular weapons that he uses against us. We might feel afraid, but we can believe that God is with us. We may not be in control, but we can trust the One who is. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, peace and of a sound mind. We need to trust God every day! 

GOD’S PLAN FOR YOU | Understanding Your Purpose - Inspirational & Motivational Video

You were planned and made by God, and you are not an accident. He has a purpose for everything and everyone, and he created you to make a unique contribution in the world. Finding your purpose begins with God. 

TRUST IN GOD | Peace in the Storm - Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

God wants us to put Him first in our lives. He wants us to put our trust in Him in everything. Each day storms threaten to steal our peace. When things seem out of control, just remember God is always in control. 

You Are More Than A Conqueror - Inspirational & Motivational Video

The way your journey began doesn’t have to be the way it ends. Christine Caine is living proof that you can start bad and finish good. Break free from your past and experience how much bigger God is than your circumstances. 

The Truth About HEAVEN & HELL | This will change the way you think about Eternity

Conventional wisdom says that good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell. But heaven isn’t for good people; heaven is for forgiven people. No matter what you have done, don’t despair. God will forgive you of any sin you have committed – if you will ask him for his forgiveness.